Monday, May 6, 2013

Who Said I Didn't Need Healing?

Who said I didn’t need healing?  That would be me.  Who said I needed healing? God did, and that should be enough.  Do you still need proof?  Don’t worry, I did too.  Let’s dispel this fallacy together as we look at the Word of God.    

Genesis: 15
After passing through the Red Sea the Israelites began their journey to the promised land, via the desert.  As we know, without water we can survive for only a short while.  Now, lessen that time by the fact that the elements of the desert exponentially increase our thirst.  Here God’s chosen and newly freed people are three days into the passage and are already frantically in search of water.  Their lips are parched.  Tongues are clinging to the roofs of the mouths. There is no ebb and flow of strength; it is only ebbing at this point.