Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catching Up

Wow, I am so shocked that almost two years have passed since I have first and last posted on this blog!  When I started writing I was in the next to last semester of school working on my Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree.  As you would imagine the load got to be too much to bear and I didn’t have time.  Beyond that, each time I would attempt to write another post I simply could not complete a single topic or thought.  It just seemed too painful to continue and often I contemplated deleting it altogether.  However, I knew beyond any doubt that God placed this blog upon my heart and I just could not bring myself to doing away with it. 

Now, I am at a place in my life that I am ready to begin writing again and I couldn’t be more excited.  It has been an event-filled two years.  I have since completed school, among a myriad of other awesome, as well as painful, things.  Yet, the greatest event that has taken place has been that God sent the most amazing man into my life and we were married in October 2012.  In this relationship God has afforded me an opportunity that I never even fathomed or dreamed of in the past.  My husband, Alan, is a pastor and I have the awesome privilege of being a pastor’s wife.  I am ready to open myself up to God’s direction and picking back up writing is one area that He is leading, and I want to be obedient. 

When I first began this blog my intention was to tell my story from start to finish, however, I feel that may not have been the best approach.  As I am living in a perpetual healing process my desire is to no longer trudge through the horrid details, but rather propel forward to share with you how Christ is manifesting His healing within me. 

Despite the fact that I had been brought out from the abusive environment almost five years ago, the wounds that I carried away from my past were much deeper and further imbedded than I ever imagined.  It is this road from captivity; spiritually, mentally and physically, to experiencing true freedom in Christ that I want to share.  How each day Christ is replacing the hurt and pain with joy, the imprisonment and bondage with liberty and most importantly to me, the anger and bitterness with love, His love.  

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