Monday, October 28, 2013

Vital to Understanding and Receiving Healing

Before I move on to discussing why healing isn’t easy and quick, let me insert an extremely vital point to healing that I have come to learn.  What I am about to tell you I have in no way read out of a book and then walked through the healing process.  This knowledge has come only through the path of experience and it did not merely take a single trip on this road for me to figure it out.  Rather, it took many painful journeys and I am still in the process of walking this path and learning this key point. 

This basic, yet so exceedingly significant point is that it is imperative to understand that the choice for healing is ours, yet the work is God's alone.  There is nothing that we can assist with, add to or bring to the table that will, in any way, promote, expedite or secure our healing.  Healing is not based upon, nor will ever come by way of the number of prayers we pray, how many times we fast, how often we attend church, working in an area of ministry, being a member of a church or even according to the passion and fervency in which we carry out any of these acts.