Saturday, July 5, 2014

Who Said Healing is Quick and Easy?

So, if we finally reach the realization that healing is needed and we also come to the understanding that it is God who must perform the work, then why is healing so difficult? Shouldn’t absolute surrender usher into motion the switch to be flipped and thus healing come flooding our bodies, minds, souls and spirits?  Oh, how I dreamed of this, prayed for this and wondered why it never came as I had fathomed.  Had I not handed over the reins of healing to the Great Physician?  Didn’t I pass on the control option and give it to the One that Healeth thee for once in my life?  To both questions I can say emphatically yes and yes!!!

However, encompassing the slightest knowledge of our great God, we should know with absolute assurance that He, in no manner, works according to how we think, feel or believe.  His Word will give us the explanation why He chooses not to perform or work out our healing according to our will and desire.  We have all, at some time or another heard the words “His ways are far above our ways and His thoughts are far above our thoughts”.  This alone should suffice in why He chooses to do what He does in the way of our healing.  However, I came upon another verse that melted me.