Monday, October 28, 2013

Vital to Understanding and Receiving Healing

Before I move on to discussing why healing isn’t easy and quick, let me insert an extremely vital point to healing that I have come to learn.  What I am about to tell you I have in no way read out of a book and then walked through the healing process.  This knowledge has come only through the path of experience and it did not merely take a single trip on this road for me to figure it out.  Rather, it took many painful journeys and I am still in the process of walking this path and learning this key point. 

This basic, yet so exceedingly significant point is that it is imperative to understand that the choice for healing is ours, yet the work is God's alone.  There is nothing that we can assist with, add to or bring to the table that will, in any way, promote, expedite or secure our healing.  Healing is not based upon, nor will ever come by way of the number of prayers we pray, how many times we fast, how often we attend church, working in an area of ministry, being a member of a church or even according to the passion and fervency in which we carry out any of these acts.   

Yes, we can and need to do or be a part of these things, they are essential in our Christian walks.  However, if we think for one moment that these acts are an avenue to healing, then we will conform to the fallacy that healing is merited by our works, and from that, it can be won or lost by what we do and how much we do it.  We risk setting ourselves up for absolute failure with that belief because God never intended for us to sustain ourselves in any shape, form or fashion! 

Had that been His intention He never would have provided manna and quail to the Israelites, they would have found their own food.  He never would have sent Christ to die on a cross for our sins, we could have saved ourselves.  I could go on and on, but we can clearly see the absurdity in each of these things:  there will never be enough food in a desert to sustain millions of people at any given time and it is demented to even entertain the thought that we can somehow atone for our sins.  Yet, God did (Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord our provider) and can (Jehovah-Hoshe’ah, the Lord saves)!   

God’s utmost desire is simply absolute surrender to Him.  Not just for our provision and our salvation, but in every area of our lives, including healing.  Do we think that He provides for us and even saves us, yet leaves us to our own devices in the area of healing?  If this is our belief then we couldn’t be more wrong.  In the last post, we discovered that God is our healer, Jehovah-Rapha.  It is not just that He is our Healer, but rather that He longs to be our Healer.  He patiently watches for the ceasing of our feeble attempts at performing a restorative work.   He awaits our surrender, which is nothing more than a confession that we cannot carry out the work of healing and a trust that He can and will. 

Once we come to this knowledge and thrust our hands in the air in a display of defeat, this is when He steps in and takes over.  It is now that the true “work” can begin.  It is here that healing can truly take place.            
I have struggled for years with working things out in my life and wasted so much valuable time in doing so.  This is nothing more than a legalistic bondage that, in the least will keep our healing at arm’s length and at the most keep us securely locked in a bondage of works, hindering us from experiencing the true freedom God intends for our lives.  There are few things shocking to a Christian than getting a true reflection of the selfishness that is present in a works mentality.  When God began revealing this to me I wanted to deny it, but I knew it to be the truth. 

I had not trusted Him fully enough to allow Him unlimited access to my heart to perform the work.  And in keeping the task for myself, I felt that my healing (and even my salvation) was on a rollercoaster; up and down, here today, gone tomorrow.  It was constantly on the lost and found list and would come and go according to how I felt I performed at a given time.  The truth was ugly, but had it remained hidden I could never have faced it.  I was attempting to work out my own healing.  This only led to me trodding the same path over and over.  It was like circling the bottom of the mountain numerous times, seeing the same sights and never moving upward and wondering why I couldn’t get out of the rut I was digging.  I couldn’t because the first step upward belonged to Him and He was just waiting until I stopped and realized that. 

Taking off the gloves and putting down the tools of my work has been the most rewarding thing that I have done in my quest for healing.  I know that it sounds like an oxymoron statement, but the greatest results were yielded when I quit working.  There are days that I don’t touch the tools and allow Him to work.  There are days that I reach for the tools and think better and draw back my hand.  And then there are days that I ignore all warnings and snatch up the tools and begin work again.  Learning to fully trust Him for all things is a path that will encompasses both setbacks and growth, but it can never start until you stop…stop relying on yourself. 

Don’t waste the precious time that I did.  Acknowledge that you cannot bring about your healing, surrender the work to God and allow Him to do what you were never meant to do.  Allow Him to heal you!!!

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