Saturday, July 5, 2014

Who Said Healing is Quick and Easy?

So, if we finally reach the realization that healing is needed and we also come to the understanding that it is God who must perform the work, then why is healing so difficult? Shouldn’t absolute surrender usher into motion the switch to be flipped and thus healing come flooding our bodies, minds, souls and spirits?  Oh, how I dreamed of this, prayed for this and wondered why it never came as I had fathomed.  Had I not handed over the reins of healing to the Great Physician?  Didn’t I pass on the control option and give it to the One that Healeth thee for once in my life?  To both questions I can say emphatically yes and yes!!!

However, encompassing the slightest knowledge of our great God, we should know with absolute assurance that He, in no manner, works according to how we think, feel or believe.  His Word will give us the explanation why He chooses not to perform or work out our healing according to our will and desire.  We have all, at some time or another heard the words “His ways are far above our ways and His thoughts are far above our thoughts”.  This alone should suffice in why He chooses to do what He does in the way of our healing.  However, I came upon another verse that melted me. 

Deuteronomy 32:4 states that “He is the rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just.  A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is He”.  How beautifully and powerfully this describes God and His works!!  A rock, perfect, just, faithful, upright and does no wrong.  This short verse contains so many descriptive words of just who God is and how nothing, absolutely nothing He does is anything short of awesome.  If this is so, then how can He go wrong in our healing?  He can’t.  It would defy the very nature of our Creator to fail in any way and that includes how He works our healing out within us. 

If God then is perfect in His works, yet we seem to struggle with our healing not being quick and easy, what are we struggling against?  The answer can be found in one simple word “ourselves”.  Our flesh simply does not want to peacefully submit to the purging that must take place within us.  It is too painful and it is not swift.  Also, we must add another tormenting element to this process and that is the enemy of our soul that refuses to relent and give in to our surrendering to God.  Satan knows that every step that we take in allowing Christ to work within us is ground that he loses for the kingdom of darkness.  So, the fight is on!  We must press onward to our healing.

This journey will come with many bumps in the roads, failures and even setbacks along the way, but NEVER, I stress NEVER, give up; for what lies ahead is absolute freedom like you have never known.  This too, I speak from experience.  It has been a rough road, I will not lie.  Nevertheless, every day I am seeing changes take place in my life that I never thought imaginable.

As I have journeyed, I have had to relive old pains and wounds that have been anything but pleasant.  I was disillusioned to think that thirty-four years of abusive treatment would melt away and all things would be new and pretty and bright and shiny and perfect.  That was my dream, but it wasn’t even close to reality.  I had to trudge through the haunts of my past to get to a better place in Christ and come to understand and know Him as my Prince of Peace.  I guess the easiest way that I can illustrate is the process of juice fasting.

It has been proven that when an individual goes on a juice fast there are some unusual things that can occur.  On the juice fast, the body is being ridded of debilitating toxins as well as healing itself.  In the process of it healing itself the individual fasting can experience pain in areas where there were old injuries.  This is said to happen due to the fact that when the body was originally healing from the injury it was not being healed properly because of the diet the person was partaking in at the time.  However, during the juice fast the body is supplied with the proper nutrition and things needed to properly heal.  So, the body goes back to the site of the old injury and begins to properly heal the wound as should have been done in the first place, which can be painful. 

The same is true of our mind, souls and spirits in God’s healing process.  We may have to go back and relive some of those old pains to experience proper and thorough healing.  Yet, we will know that this time the healing will be done right, because “His works are perfect…{and He is} a faithful God who does no wrong”.  I fought against the healing to begin with but when I started seeing that His way of restoration was complete and sure, I began to surrender more to Him.  It became my prayer that I would not want to fast forward through the healing, because I didn’t want to miss a moment of what He was doing in me.  I came to see that if I chose to bypass something that I could very well miss a grand opportunity to share with someone the glorious deliverance that could only result in persevering and allowing God complete control in my healing.  Even if it is taking longer than I would care for it too and even if it is much harder than I would desire. 

Healing is never easy.  Just ask someone who has experienced physical therapy for an injury.  I have never had it but my husband tells me that the healing was more painful than the injury itself.  However, I am sure that he would say it was worth it since he has almost 100% use of a hand that could have been substantially impaired had he not endured the physical therapy.  The same is true with us, don’t wish it away and don’t try to breeze through it, the only thing that will result is a partially impaired person, when we could have received complete healing.  Remember, God’s timing is not ours and He will patiently wait on you until you are ready, but don’t wait too long…this life of freedom and healing awaits you.  It awaits you but it truly is closer than your think. 

Our healing will not come in one major victory.  It is not like receiving your diploma after four long years and passing that last huge final.  Oh no!  There will be many small victories to celebrate along the way.  You may battle the tougher areas for a greater length of time, but He will give you little battles in this big war of healing.  I recall one area that I struggled with so long and so hard.  I was embarrassed as a Christian that I could feel the way that I did about a particular situation.  I prayed.  I cried.  I tried to change this within myself. And you would know it, the enemy wreaked havoc in my mind concerning this area of struggle.  However, after a long while and my amazing husband loving me through it and reminding me that the work is God’s to do and not mine, I have overcome this area by the grace and mercy of God.  I didn’t take a test and receive a big A+ that told me I had finally passed after failing many times.  No, what happened is that I slowly began to realize that I didn’t feel the same way that I used to and that there was a love and concern in my heart that had replaced all of the bitterness and insecurity. 

Looking back now I can truly see that when I stopped trying to be the answer, find the key or provide the solution God began to do the work.  Now it is done and I celebrate it!  I glorify Him for the healing.  I thank Him for the small victories.  I thank Him for the huge victories.  I thank Him for the journey itself, because without the journey, there would be no healing to celebrate.  I know that I still have a long way to go, but I rejoice along the way! 

If it is true healing that we desire and God is drawing us to that place of restoration, He will not forsake us in the midst of it.  We will face many things along this journey, but the results will be worth every step gained.  One day you will look back and notice that you don’t struggle in the area that you used to.  You begin to see that the things that once hurt you no longer have the same effect.  You sense that something is not the same and you are absolutely right!  You have been changed!  You have been healed by the power and might of Almighty God who loves you and took the time to love you back to healing.  Because of your circumstances you may never be the same, but you will be healed!!  And that has been okay with me…I like the healed me a lot better than the old me!

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